Sailing Greece And Sailing Turkey

With Bare Boats And Crewed Yachts Including Gulets

Not The Ordinary Holiday

Have you seen Ephesus! Have you been there? Have you combed Istanbul's Grand Bazaar or climbed to the monastery on Patmos! Have you done that? Have you been to Greece and Turkey! Sailing Turkey At Kekova RoadsOn a cruise ship three miles offshore? Or are you planning to do so? Well, in any or all of those events, you've missed or are about to miss the scenically beautiful and more interesting parts of two countries rich in wonders. You should see Turkey's ancient Ionia, Caria, and Lycia close up from the deck of a yacht! You should take that yacht through remote Dodecanese Islands of eastern Greece! Once parts of the Persian Empire of Darius and Xerxes, parts of the Macedonian Empire of Alexander, the Seleucid Empire of Antiochus, the Egyptian Empire of the Ptolemys, the Roman Empire of Caesar Augustus, the Byzantine Empire of Constantine, and the Ottoman Empire of Suleiman! All of it encased in history and much of it encased in pine trees to the edge of crystal clear water! Yes, the azure sea once patrolled by the triremes of Artemisia, Memnon, and Marc Antony, and by the lateen-rigged galliots of the Barbarossa brothers and the Ottoman flotillas of Piali Pasha. Capture the history of ancient Didyma, Halicarnassus, Kastellorizon, Knidos, Loryma, Lydae, Phaselis, Rhodes, Simi, and Xanthos by tracing the routes of Alexander's Macedonian phalanx, of Cleopatra's litter bearers, and of Freya Stark's Elfin. Experience the flat water sailing Sailing Turkey 
At Olymposof ancient Telmessos over which fast pirate triakonters and hemiolas were once propelled by banks of opportunistic rowers. Explore the pirate ruins of St. Nicholas Island, a trove of history visited by one in ten thousand of Turkey's forty million annual tourists. Photograph the splendors seen by the crews of captured galleys long ago, and by Pompey the Great when he drove the pirates east, and by the pirates when they returned. Enjoy an evening at Cleopatra's Bay, Cold Water Bay, Tomb Bay, Twenty-Two Fathom Cove, and a host of other anchorages all within a few miles of each other. Delight in campfire cuisine, swim under pined slopes, and talk to new friends about wonders seen. Cruise the Aegean islands of Greece: Samos, Leros, Kos, Nisiros, and Tilos, among seven hundred others, exploring ancient and medieval ruins left by Dorians, Venetians, and the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem. Do all of this and more aboard a yacht selected, inspected, and approved for you by Blue Cruise Yacht Charters. Would you like to know more? Well, let us answer your questions, crewed yacht or bare boat, where, when, how much. Phone us in Turkey at +90-533-230-5781, e-mail us at, or write to us at Blue Cruise Yacht Charters, P.O. Box 4, Gocek 48310, Turkey.

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning yacht charters in Greece and Turkey may be obtained by clicking on the boxed links immediately above. Thank You. Blue Cruise Yacht Charters offers a full range of charter yacht sailing holidays and honeymoons cruising the Turquoise Coast of Turkey and among Aegean islands of Greece. A yacht Yacht 
Charters Turkeycharter in Turkey. Yacht charters in Greece. Alternative sailing routes and cruising areas for sailing Greece and sailing Turkey may be found by clicking on the second, third, fourth, and fifth boxed links above. One of these may be a basis for the holiday or honeymoon the reader seeks. A customized bare boat or crewed charter yacht sailing holiday or honeymoon in the eastern Mediterranean. Bare boats sailing with company in a flotilla or without company in seclusion. A sailing holiday in Greece. A charter yacht sailing holiday cruising the Turquoise Coast of Turkey. A Blue Cruise aboard a crewed gulet. A honeymoon in Greece. Or a honeymoon in Turkey. Charter yachts sailing Greece, cruising the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea. Island hopping. Greek island hopping on a gulet. Or a crewed charter sailing yacht to sail the southwest coast of Turkey. A honeymoon or holiday in Greece or Turkey. A honeymoon or holiday aboard a crewed sailing yacht chartered in Greece. Or a honeymoon or holiday aboard a crewed yacht chartered in Turkey. Charter your yacht in Turkey. Charter your yacht in Greece. A crewed charter sailing yacht cruising the Aegean from Bodrum. Or from Gocek. Or from Rhodes. A crewed charter sailing yacht to sail the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and Aegean islands of Greece. A crewed charter yacht holiday or honeymoon of a lifetime. Blue Cruise Yacht Charters can put the holiday-goer aboard a charter yacht with an experienced crew able to sail the Aegean islands of Greece, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Sporades, or Blue Cruise can put honeymooners aboard a crewed charter yacht to cruise Cleopatra's honeymoon route up the Turkish coast to ancient Samos, or aboard a yacht to sail Alexander's port-closing path down the coast of Turkey. Alexander, it might be noted, crossed the Hellespont into Asia Minor in 334 BC not yet at the age of twenty-two. The Persians had 220 years earlier made Asia Minor a dominion of Cyrus the Great. With an army of 43,000 Macedonians and Greeks Alexander first met the Persians with their own Greek mercenaries at the River Granicus near ancient Troy where he soundly defeated them. From the Troad Alexander marched south in pursuit of the Rhodian Greek Memnon thought to be garrisoning Miletus on behalf of the Persians. Sardis and Ephesus capitulated en route without a bowstring pulled, while the defense of Priene was fleeting. Memnon, husband of the Persian princess Barsine, did put up a fight at Miletus, but not enough of a fight. It was at Miletus that Alexander dispensed with his navy, believing his Greek crews no match for more numerous Phoenicians and Cypriots serving the Great King at sea. He settled instead on a strategy of denying the Persian fleet mainland ports such as Miletus. The next such port was Halicarnassus (modern Bodrum) in Caria, but Memnon's defense of Halicarnassus proved determined and protracted. Alexander continued on without awaiting the city's surrender, leaving the ensuing 12-month siege in the hands of his trusted lieutenant Ptolemy. Marching southeast, Alexander left Carian Knidos and Caunos for Ptolemy, later Ptolemy I Soter, Egyptian pharaoh and Cleopatra's forebear. Upon crossing the Dalaman River Alexander reached Hyparna, thought to be modern Gocek. Defended by Greek mercenaries, Hyparna fell in short order, and Alexander continued on to Telmessos, modern Fethiye and one of two major Lycian ports. Telmessos also fell although only after a ruse involving dancers and attendants Yacht Charters Greecewith weapons smuggled into the acropolis which still dominates the town today. There was no significant resistance upon leaving Telmessos and entering the Xanthos Valley, as Pinara, Xanthos, and Patara in succession welcomed the Macedonians, Patara the other major Lycian seaport. Alexander was similarly greeted at Tlos, Arykanda, modern Finike, and Limyra before moving up the Alakir River and crossing the mountains to Greek-speaking Phaselis where he rested for weeks. And so there was no real resistance along Alexander's Path through Lycia. In fact, there was no real resistance after Halicarnassus until Issus where he met the incumbent Great King, Darius III. Issus is a story for another web page, but following the Persian rout, Darius in his haste to reach safety abandoned his royal entourage including the then-deceased Memnon's widow Barsine. Barsine, too, is a story for another web page. But proceeding south to Sidon where the citizens had recently executed their Phoenician satrap, it fell to Alexander to choose a successor. This he did, choosing an out-of-favor relative of the executed satrap then working as a gardener. Abdalonymus was his name and it was he who was later interred in the "Alexander Sarcophagus" now in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum and depicted above, so called because it depicts Alexander in exquisite bas-relief both at Issus and at the hunt. Yes, Blue Cruise Yacht Charters can show charter guests the tracks left by Alexander, relate attendant anecdotes, and provide a bareboat or crewed yacht or gulet aboard which to cruise the crossroads of history. Sailing Greece. Sailing Turkey. Contact or phone us in Turkey at +90-533-230-5781.