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Bavaria 49
Bare Boat Charters Sailing
Greece and Turkey

Bare Boat Charters Greece

Space and speed characterize this high-end bare boat charter sailing Greece and Turkey.
The roomy double-helm cockpit and large winches enable fine tuning of mast and sail shape without over-complicating things for the charter skipper. With a set of high performance sails, the Bavaria 49 proves to be surprisingly responsive. Comfort, too, goes hand in hand with pleasure and performance: five guest cabins provide more than adequate below-decks privacy while
a generous salon fosters indoor camaraderie.

Bare Boat Charters Turkey

Technical Specifications:

Length: 50.5 ft
Beam: 14.6 ft
Draft: 6.9 ft
Sail Area: 1,252 sq ft
Engine: 78 hp Volvo Penta
Displacement: 24,250 lbs
Water Tanks: 180 gal
Fuel Tanks: 90 gal


Furling Main, Furling Headsail,
Bimini Top
Bow Thruster, Electric Windlass,
VHF Radio, CD Stereo Music System,
Fully Equipped Galley, Deep Freeze,
Dingy w/Outboard

Bare Boat Charters Greece

Bare Boat Charters Turkey

Bare Boat Charters Greece

Bare Boat Charters Turkey

Yacht Charter Greece

Yacht Charters Turkey

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Charter Yachts Turkey

Bare Boat Charters Greece

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Bare Boat Charters Turkey

Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning bare boat charters in Greece and Turkey may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. Are you searching for a sailing yacht on which to bare boat charter with family or friends in Turkey or Greece? Are you contemplating a bare boat charter sailing in Turkey with a sizeable group of family or friends? Or are you considering a bare boat charter with a similarly large group cruising Greece? If either, you might like to charter a yacht with group accommodations: five private cabins three of which have double beds and two of which have over-and-under bunks. There are as well three water closets with showers. Given a spacious salon below decks and an equally spacious cockpit on deck, there is plenty of room for a party of ten to maneuver. A bare boat on which to enjoy wind, sun, and exotic locales. And a bare boat on which to explore history along the coast of Turkey and among nearby Aegean islands of Greece. Not the first but certainly one of the more admired figures creating history here was an Athenian statesman and general of the sea by the name of Thrasybulus. Thrasybulus, meaning brave willed, was born at Athens in the middle of the 5th century BCE during Greece's Classical Period and should not be confused with the Seventh Century's Thrasybulus of Miletus. Thrasybulus of Athens Bare Boat Charters Greecefirst came to the attention of history as a trireme captain at Samos off the coast of Turkey in 411 BCE. At the time oligarchs there and in Athens attempted a coup and intended to come to terms with Athens' Peloponnesian War foe Sparta. Successful in Athens, coup leaders failed at Samos when confronted by democrats including Thrasybulus. Samian coup leaders, mostly military, were then deposed and replaced, and Thrasybulus was elected a general of the sea. At the Battle of Cynossema which took place that same year in the Hellespont (Turkish Dardanelles), Thrasybulus, sharing command of 76 war galleys, won a narrow victory over a numerically superior Spartan fleet. This victory, coming as it did at a time when Athens' democratic government had been replaced by an oligarchy, and when an Athenian defeat could have ended the war, had an outsized impact. The newly confident Athenian fleet proceeded to win two more victories in the Hellespont in quick succession, the first at Abidos and the second being a dramatic rout in 410 BCE at Cyzicus (Balikhisar). These victories ended the Spartan threat to Athens' grain Bare Boat Charters Greecelifeline from the Black Sea, a lifeline in every sense of the word as the terrain around Athens was even at that early date denuded of both forest and the soil needed to raise sufficient grain locally. Why not charter a bare boat to cruise in Thrasybulus's wake from Samos to Ephesus to Lesbos to the Hellespont. Or to cruise in his 407 BCE wake from Samos to the siege of Spartan Phocaea (Foca), or to cruise in his 406 BCE wake to the Battle of Arginusae (Ayvalik), an overwhelming Athenian victory. During the disturbed period following the Peloponnesian War Thrasybulus rose on three crisis occasions to become Athenian head of state. That's him in the wood prints arriving at and receiving an olive crown at Athens. Thrasybulus was in 389 BC again in command of Athenian naval forces off the coast of Asia Minor. With a flotilla of 40 triremes he proceeded to re-establish Athenian hegemony from the Hellespont south to Lesbos, Chios, and Samos, from there to Kos and Rhodes, and from there along the coast of Anatolia as far as Pamphylian Aspendos (near Antalya) where in 388 BCE he met an untimely end at the hands of over-taxed locals, murdered at night while sleeping in his tent. "So perished Thrasybulus, a good and great man by all admission," according to Xenophon, the only contemporary chronicler of note. Make your own judgment! With The Landmark Thucydides and Xenophon's Hellenica in hand! Sail Thrasybulus's path down the coast of Asia Minor and among Greek Aegean islands. While you holiday. While you have a holiday with family and friends proceeding leisurely from one historically remarkable locale to another. Yes, let us put you aboard a bare boat in which to charter the coast of Turkey and among nearby islands of Greece. Starting in Samos. Are you searching for Samos in Greece? Well, its ancient port of Pythagorion is about twenty nautical miles SW of Kusadasi (port nearest Ephesus) and not far from its own international airport. In Pythagorion we can put you aboard a sailing yacht for the holiday of a lifetime. We can put you aboard a charter yacht and show you Thrasybulus's many tracks north and south, show you contemporary tracks of Spartan super-hero Lysander, and of super-hero Alcibiades, sometimes Athenian and sometimes Spartan. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at to bare boat charter in Turkey and Greece.