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Luxury Gulet
Turkey And Greece

Luxury Gulet Chartering Turkey

Carmina, a cruising masterpiece.
New in 2002 and refitted in 2012, this luxury gulet chartering Turkey and Greece
combines an aesthetic appeal above decks with elegance and comfort below decks.
She has new owners and has been
renamed Grande Mare.

Luxury Gulet Chartering Turkey

Luxury Gulet Chartering Greece


Accommodations for guests consist of two master suites, three cabins with double beds, and one cabin with double and single beds. Each cabin has its own water closet and shower, and each cabin is fitted with satellite television and air-conditioning units.


A wheelhouse salon
with comfortable settees, tables,
desk, and entertainment systems offers panoramic views and direct access to a large quarterdeck
fitted for alfresco dining.

Luxury Gulet Chartering Turkey

Luxury Gulet Chartering Greece


Year Built: 2002
Refit: 2012
Length: 105 ft
Beam: 26 ft
Draft: 13 ft
Sail Area: 8600 sq ft
Engines: (2) 750 hp Caterpillar
Cruising Speed: 12 knots
Water Tanks: 1,580 gal
(+Water Maker)
Fuel Tanks: 790 gal
Generators: 22kva & 17kva

Luxury Gulet Chartering Turkey


Large Screen TV
DVD Player
Stereophonic Music System
Ice Machine
Laundry Washer
Satcom Telephone System
Internal Communications
Speed Boat w/70 hp Motor
Jet Ski, Water Skis
Snorkeling & Fishing Gear

Luxury Gulet Chartering Greece

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning luxury gulets chartering in Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank you. Are you searching for a luxury gulet chartering in Turkey or Greece? Could you be thinking of luxury sailing Turkey's Turquoise Coast? Or are you dreaming of a cruise in Greece? Of sailing azure sea between picturesque Greek islands? Or both? Chartering Turkey and Greece? Or are you searching for Songs of Beuren? For a song of the sea? A sea where, in the words of Carmina Burana's Carl Orff, or perhaps in the words of a 13th century poet/monk, omnia sol temperat, sun warms everything. How about a sleek song of the sea with luxury accommodations for six couples. Would you not like to charter such a beauty to cruise the coast of Turkey's ancient Lycia? A coast punctuated not merely with clear-water coves surrounded by Calabrian pine, a coast punctuated not merely by long stretches of deserted white-sand beach, but a coast punctuated with standing evidence of Lycian civilization. Would you not like to cruise this coast as did the Athenian super-hero Cimon (Keymoan)? Would you not like to do this while on holiday? Would you not like to have a family-and-friends holiday aboard a luxury sailing yacht cruising the coast of Turkey from Halicarnassus to Aspendos, from Bodrum to Antalya? As did Cimon in 469 BC? After sailing from one Greek island to another through the Aegean Cyclades and Dodecanese? As did Cimon? Would you Luxury Gulet Chartering Greecenot like to have your holiday cruising through turquoise sea off Patara Beach, Kalkan Beach? As did the charismatic Cimon? That's him to the left having charmed a lady of Athens into proffering a bouquet of flowers. Would you not like to have a group of family or friends holiday aboard a luxury gulet proceeding leisurely from one enchanting locale to another, from one historically significant locale to another? As did Cimon? Would you not like to charter a sailing yacht to cruise all the way to the Eurymedon River sheltering Aspendos? As did Cimon? Past Antiphellus (Kas), past Megisti (Kastellorizon), past Simena (Kekova), past Myra (Demre), past Limyra (Finike), past Phaselis (Phaselis) to the mouth of the Eurymedon where Cimon trapped a Phoenician fleet in the employ of the Great King Xerxes? Destroying it? Would you not like to charter a luxury gulet to cruise back along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey? All the way to Athens? Through the mid-Aegean Cyclades? Starting in Antalya? Are you searching for Antalya in Turkey? Well, it may be found at the top of the large gulf just east of southern Turkey's Cape Gelidonia where the first of two bronze-age recoveries began in the 1960's. And where Cimon, a three-time Olympics champion and philanthropist for the ages, where Cimon drew a line in the sea across which the Great King and his Phoenicians were not to venture. Antalya is not only a launch pad for Aspendos but for the Cilician coast, as well, a point of departure for Alanya (Scandaloro), Adana, Alexandretta, and more. In Antalya we can put you aboard a crewed luxury gulet for the holiday of a lifetime. Point you toward Athens. Point you toward Alexandretta. Carmina, a superb luxury gulet available for charter in or to Antalya for the next performance of Carmina Burana at the annual summer Opera & Ballet Festival in the Roman theater at Aspendos. The program for the 2015 Festival which opens on 5 September with a gala concert by both the Antalya and Mersin Opera and Ballet Companies unfortunately does not include this all-time favorite but does include other all-time favorites and runs until a 28 September conclusion with an ensemble of Puccini favorites. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at for information on the crewed yacht Carmina or for the Aspendos program in 2015.