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Gaff-Rigged Schooner
Ipek A
Charter Sailing
Mediterranean and Aegean

Schooner Charter Mediterranean

Ipek A is a classic gaff-rigged schooner
with truncated fore and main sails bending to spars or gaffs at the head as well as to booms at the foot.
In addition to the four sails shown, jib, staysail, fore, and mainsail, Ipek A carries a second inner headsail and is able to fly fore and main gaff topsails. They don't make yachts like this anymore!

Schooner Charter Aegean Accommodations:

Six double berth cabins
each cabin with
en suite WC and shower.
Fully equipped galley.
Comfortable salon.
Air Conditioned.
Schooner Charter Mediterranean

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 1994
Year Refit: 2002
Length: 79 ft
Beam: 19 ft
Engine: 280 hp Ford
Generator: 15 kva Onan
Water Tanks: 1,060 gal
Fuel: 530 gal
Sail Area: 2,260 sq ft
Cruising Speed: 8 knots
Schooner Charter Aegean Equipment:

VHF Radio-Telephone
Mobile Telephone
Television w/DVD Player
CD Stereo System
Marine Air Conditioning
Snorkeling Gear
Fishing Tackle
Fully Equipped Galley
Tender w/Outboard

Schooner Charter Mediterranean Schooner Charter Aegean

Schooner Charter Mediterranean

Schooner Charter Mediterranean

Schooner Charter Mediterranean

Another Gaff-Rigged Schooner Charter Sailing the Mediterranean and Aegean

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning schooner charter sailing in the Mediterranean and Aegean may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. Are you searching for Ipek? Well, you have found her. This is not prize-winning novelist Orhan Pamuk's Ipek Yildiz from Snow-bound Kars, however, this is a gaff-rigged lady of the sea charter sailing the eastern Mediterranean Schooner Sailing 
Aegeanand Aegean coasts of Turkey as well as among nearby Aegean islands of Greece, sailing under a non-tropical sun on an azure sea. Were you thinking of a schooner charter sailing under a gentle sun on an azure sea? Or merely of any yacht sailing under the sun on an azure sea? Were you dreaming of secluded pine-encircled blue-water coves on the south coast of Turkey? Coves situated under steep mountain backdrops? Or were you dreaming of schooner sailing in Greece? Of a gaff-rigged schooner sailing on or off the wind among remote Greek islands well off the beaten path? Greek islands painted in pastels or in Cycladic blues and whites? Or were you contemplating charter sailing both Turkey and Greece? Both can be done. How about doing these things aboard a classic gaff-rigged charter schooner with accommodations for six couples, the lower center of gaff-rigged sail-force yielding more stability and comfort than otherwise the case. How about beginning your charter sail with a cruise along the coast of ancient Lycia. A coast of blue-water coves and white-sand beaches backed by sharply rising mountains. A coast which has seen the passage of Homer's Sarpedon, of Zeniketes the Lycian Robin Hood of the sea, of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, of the Barbarossa brothers, all four of them, and of the Hospitaller Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, thousands of them. Among a host of others was the Athenian Melesander who cruised the Lycian coast in 429 BC, calling into Patara and visiting Tlos, cities there today in much of their ancient splendor. Melesander was welcomed by Lycians, perhaps because Lycian roots are in Greek Crete. But then Melesander took to plundering Lycia's bountiful resources to fill the coffers of Pericles' Athenian Empire! And so Melesander met a sudden end, an end he might have seen coming had he been aware of Lycia's warrior history. You would be welcome, too, and may legally partake of Lycia's bountiful resources. Lycia is a principal reason Turkey today is a net agricultural exporting nation. From Lycia you might take your gaff-rigged schooner for a sail along the coast of neighboring Caria and among nearby Greek Dodecanese islands as did Heraclius in 609 AD. With barbarians at the gates of Constantinople he sailed up from Carthage in the far reaches of empire and along these shores to turn a Persian tide. And in consequence to wear for 31 years imperial purple and the crown of Byzantium, during his reign replacing Latin with Greek as the empire's official language as well as the language spoken throughout the empire since shortly after the coming of Alexander. Would you like to explore these crossroads of history while you holiday? The novel Snow explores recent Turkish political history. Published in 2002, the setting is the city of Kars in northeastern Turkey beyond the limit of our maps. Featuring Ipek Yildiz as a protagonist, Snow Schooner Sailing Mediterraneantells a story of violence and tension between political Islamists, secularists, and the army's relationship to Kurdish and Turkish nationalists. Snow's English-translation was selected by the New York Times as one of the best 100 books of 2004. Would you like to have a family-and-friends holiday aboard a crewed sailing schooner cruising the coast of Turkey and among adjacent Greek Aegean islands? Bringing a copy of Snow with you. Wouldn't you like to have a group of friends or associates holiday with you aboard a charter yacht proceeding under sail from one memorable locale to the next memorable locale? Who wouldn't! Charter sailing the near Aegean. Or charter sailing the Greek Cyclades in mid-Aegean. Or charter sailing further along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. To Pamphylia or Cilicia. Starting in Bodrum. Or Gocek. Are you searching for Gocek in Turkey? Well, it is on the border between Lycia and Caria precisely 42 nautical miles ENE of the near tip of Rhodes on the maps featured here. It is also about 15 road miles from its own international airport at Dalaman (DLM). At Gocek or Bodrum or elsewhere we can put you aboard a crewed sailing yacht for the holiday of a lifetime. We can put you aboard a gaff-rigged schooner with an experienced crew able to show you flat sailing waters of the Gulf of Gocek, able to show you Melesander's path down the coasts of Caria and Lycia, able to show you Heraclius's route up the coast of Caria and among Greek Aegean islands, and able to discuss with you Orhan Pamuk's Snow. Ipek A, a superb gaff-rigged lady of the sea available for charter in Turkey or Greece. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at