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The Greek Aegean

Chartering Greek Aegen

This 72-foot island-built yacht chartering the Greek Aegean
is a sloop-rigged double-ender of the caique family which came down the ways at Ermoupolis, Syros. She has a somewhat rounded stern and elevated profile kind in a short sea. In a good wind she is capable of delivering a superior performance under sail, and whether underway or in port she has the crew and amenities to keep charter guests entertained. Irina is laid out to comfortably
accommodate a party of eight in four double cabins.

Chartering Greece Aegean

Technical Specifications:

Year Refit: 2005
L.O.A.: 72 ft
Beam: 19 ft
Draft: 9 ft
Displacement: 74 tons
Sail Area: 2,100 sq ft
Engine: 360 hp Volvo Turbo
Generator: 220v
Water Tanks: 525 gal
Cruising Speed: 9 knots

Chartering Greek Cyclades


Satellite Navigation System
VHF Radio-Telephones
Mobile Telephone
Marine Air Conditioning
Stereophonic Music System
Tender w/Outboard
Fishing Tackle
Snorkeling Equipment
Fully Equipped Galley

Chartering Greek Aegean

Chartering Greek Sporades


Four air conditioned guest cabins,
two with double beds and en suite water closets, and two other guest cabins with both double and single beds sharing a single water closet. Inner salon opening to the quarterdeck for alfresco dining.
Cabin-top sun deck. Foredeck seating. Separate crew quarters.

Chartering Greek Aegean

Chartering Greek Cyclades

Chartering Greek Sporades

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning yachts chartering the Greek Aegean may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. Could you be searching for a crewed yacht chartering the Greek Aegean? Chartering from one sugar-cube encrusted Greek Aegean island to the next sugar-cube encrusted Greek Aegean island? Cruising from Delos to Paros to Sifnos to Folegandros to Thera? To Santorini? To that amazing volcanic perimeter the residue of the greatest geologic disturbance in history? Generating the largest tsunami wave and the largest ash cloud in history! Sampling Cycladic cuisine served up at tavernas with stoops on the waterfront at which your yacht is moored? Or are you simply searching for Irina? For the Goddess of Peace more often spelled Eirene? A daughter of philandering Zeus, that's her depicted at right holding Plutus, the God of Plenty, in a marble copy of a bronze sculpture executed by Cephisodotus the Elder, father of Praxiteles. Praxiteles himself is most famous for the first sculpture of an unclothed woman. The first such sculpture ever! Called the Aphrodite of Knidos, Praxiteles' marble sculpture was inspired by Phryne, the courtesan with whom Chartering Greek Aegeanhe was in love. She bathed nude in the sea at each Athenian Festival of Poseidon. It is said, in fact, that when Aphrodite rose from the sea she was greeted and immediately clothed by Irina and her sisters. Could you be dreaming of chartering through mythology and history at the maritime crossroads of history! Not merely holidaying under a gentle sun reflecting on an azure sea! Not merely dining to a fare-thee-well at the finest tavernas in the Cyclades! Not merely pursuing an ever-better octopus in vinegar? Not merely searching for the perfect tsatsiki or the finest garlic sauce! Not merely doing these things with your most intimate friends. Or could you be dreaming of chartering among remote islands of Greece not with friends but with family. Dreaming of cruising through history and geography and geology lessons. Rectifying short-comings of your local school system. Or could you be dreaming of all of the above. If any or all, how about chartering the Greek Aegean aboard a yacht with accommodations for up to ten guests including children. A charter yacht with more than 2,100 square feet of sails and a crew knowing how to trim them. How about chartering a crewed sailing yacht cruising the crossroads of history, cruising, for example, Alcibiades' wakes criss-crossing the Aegean, altering course among or at the same Greek islands causing Alcibiades to alter course or pause in his travels. While you holiday. Yes, while you holiday cruising the azure sea between Aegean islands of Greece discussing that faulted cog in Athenian history. Raised by Pericles and protege of Socrates, Pericles the pre-eminent statesman of Athens during the classical period, and Socrates the father of Athenian philosophy, an admiral at the age of 30, Olympic chariot victor at the age of 34, a man for all seasons and all women at all ages, seducer of the Queen of Sparta at age 37, and dead at behest of the Spartan Lysander at age 46. Or, others would have it, killed by family of a deflowered woman of Anatolia. Discussing that imperfect leader of men while you holiday aboard a crewed yacht chartering leisurely from one enchanting locale to another along the crossroads of history. Born of a good Athenian family in about the year 450 BC, Alcibiades was orphaned at the age of three and immediately came under the guardianship of Pericles, his mother's cousin, and of Aspasia, a famed courtesan who was the woman in Pericles' life. His relationship with Aspasia and her coterie of intellectual companions was to survive the 429 BC death of Pericles and to be the subject of several oils on canvas. Plutarch wrote that beauty "bloomed with him in all the ages of his life, in his infancy, in his youth, and in his manhood; and, in the peculiar character becoming to each of these periods, gave him, in every one of them, a grace and a charm." That's an unattributed bust of Alcibiades depicted below, the bust now in Rome's Capitoline Museum. When not trading on his beauty, grace, and charm, Alcibiades rose Chartering Greek Aegeanquickly through military and naval ranks to the highest positions, making numerous enemies along the way not so much in combat as among envious fellow citizens. He participated at age 18 in the Battle of Potidaea which may be said to have launched the Second Peloponnesian War between democratic Athens and oligarchic Sparta, a war which was to continue 27 years culminating in destitution and defeat for Athens, defeat at the 405 BC naval Battle of Aegospotami on the shores of the Hellespont, the modern Dardanelles. Living in exile at the time, Alcibiades nevertheless warned Athenian admirals of their exposure but was ignored. His own end came less than a year later; he was survived by a wife and at least three children. In all of those years Alcibiades never suffered defeat in combat, though he was an advocate of Athens disastrous diversion to Greek Sicily, an oligarchic ally of Sparta. It was at the 415 BC outset of the Sicilian diversion that Alcibiades was accused by envious rivals of having committed sacrilege, no mean crime; at Athens he was convicted in absentia and condemned to death. Forced to flee, he took refuge at the court of Agis II in Sparta. Made commander of Spartan naval forces in the eastern Aegean, he had the better of several skirmishes with Athens. Meanwhile, however, Queen Timaia of Sparta gave birth to a son who looked remarkably like Alcibiades and not at all like King Agis. Alcibiades was again forced to flee, this time to the court of the Great King of Persia's satrap on the coast of Anatolia. There he succeeded in convincing the satrap to discontinue support of Sparta and to come to the aid of Athens. He thus regained favor with Athens and was made commander of that city's naval forces in the eastern Aegean, winning the 410 BC Battle of Cyzicus, a major Spartan defeat causing that city-state to unsuccessfully sue for peace. But by this time Alcibiades had enemies almost everywhere he looked. Recalled to confront some of them in Athens, he had another in Lysander who had come to resurrect Spartan naval presence in the east. Come join us at Alcibiades' Athens. There or elsewhere we can put you aboard a crewed yacht for the holiday of a lifetime. We can put you aboard a crewed yacht chartering the Greek Aegean, and show you the numerous tracks of Alcibiades across and around that body of water, tracks described by Thucydides in his Comprehensive Guide to the Peloponnesian War available at your favorite book store. And we can discuss the activities of Alcibiades over the few remaining years of his life, and of Lysander in his remaining years. We can also put this historical sketch into a broader context aboard a fun yacht chartering at the crossroads of history in the Greek Aegean. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at