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Luxury Charter Turkey

Schooner-rigged with triple head sails,
Kayhan Kaptan's 125-feet of low-to-the-water profile encloses six air-conditioned double cabins,
each en suite with television, stereophonic music system and mini-bar. Salon, galley, and dining room are located aft of sleeping quarters. Topside an unobtrusive deckhouse provides easy access to a shaded quarterdeck for dining alfresco. From bowsprit to sternpost teak decks are free of clutter
and afford ample area for seclusion or camaraderie in sun or shade.

Luxury Charter Greece Luxury Charter Turkey

Luxury Charter Turkey


Year Built: 2004
Length: 125 ft
Beam: 28 ft
Engines: (2) 450 hp Iveco
Generators: (2) 45 kva
Cruising Speed: 11 knots
Water Capacity: 6,600 gal
Fuel Capacity: 3,400 gal
Luxury Charter Turkey Equipment:

Radar & GPS
VHF & Mobile Telephones
Color Television
Stereophonic Music System
Tender with Outboard
Fishing & Snorkeling Gear

Luxury Charter Greece Luxury Charter Turkey

Luxury Charter Turkey

Luxury Charter Greece Luxury Charter Turkey

Luxury Charter Greece

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning luxury charters in Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. You may be searching for a luxury charter in Turkey. You may even be searching for a luxury charter originating in Fethiye, a natural seaport and maritime safe haven known as Telmessos at the time of Alexander and as Telebehi by its native Lycian population in times past. You may be searching for a luxury charter cruising the white-sand beaches and pine-shrouded coves of ancient Lycia. Or you may be searching for a luxury charter in Greece, one cruising the azure Aegean between remote Dodecanese islands such as Rhodes and Kastellorizon. Or you may be hoping to do both during the same holiday. Well, both can be done. How about doing one or both aboard a large luxury charter yacht with accommodations for a limited number of guests. A yacht with room enough for privacy. Should you decide to cruise the aforementioned coast of Lycia, a coast stretching from Fethiye to Phaselis in the Gulf of Antalya, you might stop on the way at Greek Kastellorizon a few miles offshore, once a prosperous coaling station with a population of 9,000, now dwindled to 300, and locale of the 1991 Oscar winning film Mediterraneo. Or you might decide to sail Cleopatra's route along the coast of neighboring Caria and among other Greek Dodecanese islands. While you holiday. While you swim the coves Cleopatra swam, while you laze on beaches where Cleopatra lazed. Do any or all of this while you and family or you and friends are treated like Egyptian royalty. Or like Turkish royalty. Can you imagine cruising the coast of Turkey and then venturing among Luxury Charter TurkeyGreek islands as did Cleopatra during the 1st century BCE! Or as did Murat Reis in the early 16th century AD! Can you imagine having a group of friends holiday with you aboard a luxury charter yacht proceeding leisurely from intriguing locale to intriguing locale at the crossroads of history! Along tracks left by Murat, a sometime pirate and corsair latterly an admiral in the employ of Suleiman the Magnificent! Starting in Fethiye. Or Gocek. Are you searching for Gocek in Turkey? For Fethiye in Turkey? Well, those towns are both about 45 nautical miles ENE of Rhodes Town and proximate to their own international airport at Dalaman. There or elsewhere we can put you aboard a luxury charter yacht for the holiday of a lifetime. There you might like to first cruise the flat sailing waters of the Gulf of Fethiye or Gulf of Telmessos. As mentioned, Telmessos is the Greek name for the gulf and its principal city. Lycians (also a Greek appellation) called both Telebehi, and so too did the Hittites. Are you wondering about the Hittites? During the mid-14th century BCE the Hittites penetrated through Lycia to the sea but found Lycians inhospitable and soon withdrew. There is no such inhospitality today. Holiday in Telmessos. Holiday in Phaselis. Holiday in between. What happened to the rest of the Roman theater at Fethiye, anyway? Depicted to the left in a 1792 rendering by Luigi Mayer, could anyone imagine carting those massive blocks any distance! The Ottomans could. And did. Many of those blocks were used in 1850 to construct military barracks at Uskudar on the Asian side of the Bosphorus. Still, there is enough of the theater remaining at Fethiye to host an occasional chamber group. Try and be there then; it's a treat not soon forgotten. At Fethiye we can put you aboard a luxury charter yacht and show you the flat sailing waters of the Gulfs of Gocek and Fethiye, show you Murat the admiral's 1522 track down the coast of Lycia gathering his galleys and galliots, show you his track back up the coast of Turkey to a rendezvous at Marmaris, and show you his subsequent track Luxury Charter Turkeyto Rhodes escorting tens of thousands of Ottoman troops about to undertake a six-month siege of the mighty fortress surrounding Rhodes Town, home of the Hospitaller Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem. The Knights are gone, but the fortress still stands in magnificent entirety excepting one bastion. We can show you those mighty walls and remaining bastions. Murat the admiral or Murat Reis was one of thousands of unfortunates not to survive the siege, his death in combat described as heroic. Neither was he the only Murat to lose his life at Rhodes that year. Murat Shahzade, grandson of Mehmet the Conqueror and eldest son of Prince Cem, also fell at the siege of Rhodes. Prince Cem had in 1481 and 1482 contested the Ottoman throne when Mehmet died. He lost the contest and in the second of those years fled to Rhodes where the Hospitallers for five weeks gave him safe haven before escorting him to France. That's Cem to the right depicted by Guillaume Caoursin arriving at Rhodes, aboard the galley entering the harbor, stepping onto the arrival quai, and astride a Hospitaller charger within the walls, and that's the now-missing bastion or Naillac Tower in the lower right corner. Cem's wife Helena dei Conti Orsini and their son Murat later joined him, this latter Murat in 1492 at the age of 17 being ennobled by Pope Alexander VI as Prince Pierre Mehmet de Sayd, a Roman Catholic. With the death of Prince Cem three years later, this Murat was also a pretender to the Ottoman throne. By 1520 when Suleiman the Magnificent succeeded to the throne, Murat must have harbored Ottoman ambitions because at a time of imminent peril at Rhodes he had settled there with his own wife Maria Concetta Doria of the famous Genovese family, their son and two daughters. Four days before the Hospitallers marched out in negotiated surrender, this prince of the House of Osman was discovered by the victors. Brought before Suleiman he was given an opportunity to forswear his Catholicism and refused. So too did his son Cem. They were both executed and interred in the Church of St. John of the Collachium, since destroyed. Murat's wife and daughters were taken to Constantinople, while a second son left behind in Rome became the new Prince de Sayd and the new pretender. As for Murat the admiral, his memory is commemorated by a handsome turbe, or tomb. Commissioned at the sultan's order and still standing, it may be seen today in Rhodes Town's Ottoman cemetery adjacent to the Murat Reis Mosque. Kayhan Kaptan, a superb schooner-rigged yacht hosting luxury charters at the crossroads of history in Turkey and Greece with a crew able to discuss local history. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at