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Miralay Barbaros
Bargain Cruising
Turkey And Greece

Gulet Bargain Cruising Turkey

Miralay Barbaros is a custom-built wooden yacht
catering bargain holidays for guests seeking a cost-effective cruising alternative.
Built of Anatolian pine and African iroko, she has four double-cabins each with its own water closet
and shower. A wheelhouse salon adjoins an ample quarterdeck ideal for alfresco dining,
while foredeck seating and cabin-top sun mattresses also accommodate guests.

Gulet Bargain Cruising Greece Gulet Bargain Cruising Greece

Gulet Bargain Cruising Turkey

Gulet Bargain Cruising Turkey Technical Specifications:

Length: 57 ft
Beam: 16 ft
Engine: 165 hp Perkins
Water Tanks: 925 gal
Fuel Tanks: 525 gal
Cruising Speed: 8 knots


VHF Radio-Telephone
GSM Telephone
Television w/DVD Player
Stereo Music Systems
Fully-Equipped Galley
Deep Freeze
Dingy with Outboard
Fishing Tackle
Snorkeling Equipment
Gulet Bargain Cruising Turkey

Gulet Bargain Cruising Turkey

Gulet Bargain Cruising Greece Gulet Bargain Cruising Greece

Gulet Bargain Cruising Turkey

Gulet Bargain Cruising Greece

A Six-Cabin Gulet Bargain Cruising Turkey And Greece

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning gulet bargain cruising in Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. You are probably searching for a charter yacht sailing holiday in Greece or Turkey, perhaps for a charter gulet sailing from Bodrum's sugar-cube encrusted peninsula to a sugar-cube encrusted Greek island. Or you may be searching for a budget holiday backpacking in Turkey or Greece. If the latter, you have come to the wrong place. The gulet Miralay Barbaros cruises the Turquoise Coast of Turkey from Bodrum between one idyllically remote cove and the next idyllically remote cove. She also may be found cruising between remote under-populated islands of Greece. Should you be searching for a holiday ricocheting between Gulet Bargain Cruising Greecethe Turkish coast and Greek islands, Miralay Barbaros may be for you. Between the Turkish coast near Foca, Kusadasi, and Ephesus, for example, and the Sporades Islands of Greece, Lesbos, Chios, and Samos, again for example. It was at Lesbos that the widow of a Greek Orthodox priest wedded a former Ottoman janissary a decade after the island was seized by the Ottomans from the Gattilusio's, a Genovese family which had been exploiting the island for more than a hundred years. The widow's name was Katerina while the janissary's assigned name was Yakub. They had six children, four boys and two girls. The boys in order of arrival were named Aruj, Elias, Isaac, and Khizr, and were to become known as the Barbarossa brothers, all four free-booters and corsairs. History does not tell us the names of the two daughters, one of whom might have been Miriam, but it is likely they grew up in the Orthodox faith. The boys were just as likely raised as Muslims. That was the practice then, girls raised in the faith of the mother, boys raised in the faith of the father. In this instance, a converted father. Whether Orthodox or Muslim, all six were raised to despise Latin despoilers of Constantinople and Latin occupiers of Aegean islands, principally Venetians and Genovese. It was in the pursuit of Latins in general and Venetians and Genovese in particular that the boys gained their fame, sometimes in the employ of Mamluk Egyptian sultans and sometimes in the employ of Ottoman Prince Korkut, then governor of Turkey's Manisa Province. Initially they operated further south between the Turkish and Egyptian coasts and between Alexandretta in the east and Latin-occupied islands of the Aegean in the west, including the now-Greek Dodecanese Islands of Kos, Nisiros, Tilos, and Rhodes, then occupied by the Latin Hospitaller Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem. It was in about 1498 that all of this came to an abrupt end when a galliot such as that depicted above and captained by Aruj was intercepted off the Venetian island of Crete by Our Lady of the Conception, a large red-hulled black-prowed galley such as that depicted at right flying the white cross on red field of the Hospitaller Knights. Aruj was captured and sent to a Hospitaller oar, Elias was cut down by a cannon ball from one of Gulet Bargain Cruising Greece the Hospitaller bow-chasers, and Khizr was taken captive protesting his innocence. Sent to a dungeon in the Castle of Saint Peter at what is now Bodrum, Khizr was able to use his Greek charm and fluency in Italian to talk his way to freedom. Isaac meanwhile had remained at Lesbos where his sisters were soon to marry, one to Sinan of Smyrna, a seaman of Jewish heritage, and the other to a Greek from the Troad with the adopted name of Salah, both of these Barbarossa in-laws also free-booters and corsairs. It was little short of five years later in 1503 that Aruj was ransomed by his former Ottoman employer and returned to service. That year he and Khizr moved on to the island of Djerba off the Tunisian coast, Homer's island of lotus eaters, a year later again moving on to Tunis where they were eventually joined by Sinan and Salah and, in 1509, by brother Isaac. Following a meteoric rise in wealth and fame Aruj wrenched the Emirate of Algiers from the previous incumbent in 1516, but both he and Isaac were to lose their lives in combat with the Spanish two years later. Salah was to succumb to the plague at the age of 80. Only Khizr and Sinan were to die in bed, Khizr as Kapudan Pasha or Lord High Admiral of the Ottoman Navy and Sinan as Commander of the Ottoman Red Sea Fleet. While cruising aboard Miralay Barbaros you might like to explore more of the Barbarossa history including their favorite rest stops at the central Aegean island of Skhinousa south of Naxos, or at their home on the island of Lesbos, or at Sinan's Smyrna, or at Antalya, seat of Korkut's 1503 province, arriving in time for the annual Opera And Ballet Festival which in 2015 opens on 5 September with a concert performed by the Antalya and Mersin State Opera and Ballet Companies. Or by visiting Rhodes at which Aruj was imprisoned, or Bodrum, ancient Halikarnassus, at which Khizr was imprisoned. Do you already plan a charter gulet sailing holiday in Greece or Turkey? With your family. Or with a group of friends. Well, then, you might like to charter a crewed sailing gulet to cruise the Aegean from Bodrum. Are you searching for Bodrum in Turkey? Bodrum is eleven nautical miles NNE of Kos Town and 40 minutes by road from Bodrum-Mylas International Airport. There or elsewhere, come aboard Miralay Barbaros bargain cruising Turkey and Greece, a gulet offering unique and memorable holidays. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at