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Oceanis 46
Bare Boats
Turkey and Greece

Bare Boats Cruising Turkey

The Oceanis 46 is an exceptional choice
for bare boat charter parties seeking a solid, easily handled, performance yacht. All lines lead aft to the cockpit and the sail plan is balanced with a fast hull. Three or four private cabins, a salon area that converts to more berths, functional galley, separate navigation station, and two water closets with shower.
What else do you need in a bare boat cruising Turkey and Greece?

Bare Boats Cruising Turkey

Technical Specifications:

Length: 47.2 ft
Beam: 13.9 ft
Draft: 5.8 ft
Sail Area: 1055 sq ft
Engine: 54 hp Yanmar
Displacement: 23,300 lbs
Water Tanks: 150 gal
Fuel Tanks: 53 gal


Furling Main
Furling Headsail
Bimini Top, Electric Windlass
Navigation Suit
VHF Radio-Telephone
CD Stereo Music System
Fully Equipped Galley
12v Refrigeration
Dinghy w/Outboard

Bare Boats Cruising Turkey

Bare Boats Cruising Greece

Bare Boats Cruising Turkey

Bare Boats Sailing Turkey

Bare Boats Sailing Greece

Bare Boats Cruising Turkey

Bare Boats Cruising Greece

A Larger Bare Boat Cruising Turkey and Greece

An Even Larger Bare Boat Cruising Turkey and Greece

A Similar Bare Boat Cruising Turkey and Greece

A Crewed Yacht Cruising Turkey and Greece

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Bare Boats Cruising 

Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning bare boats cruising Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. Could you be searching for the perfect holiday? One which has everything? A bit of history to go with sun, fun, and cuisine? Could you be imagining a sailing yacht on which to holiday in Turkey and Greece? Could you be dreaming of a bare boat cruising the crossroads of history? Of a bare boat cutting a wake from secluded clear-water cove to secluded clear-water coveBare Boats Cruising Turkey along Turkey's Turquoise Coast? Coves surrounded by verdant pine to water's edge. Or could you be dreaming of a bare boat cruising Greece? Cruising between remote Greek islands from one waterside town painted in Dodecanese pastels to the next. From one waterfront taverna to the next. Or both? Are you hoping to cruise both Greece and Turkey on the same holiday? Well, it can be done! Why not do it aboard a bare boat comfortably accommodating you two and four or six of your friends. Why not spend your holiday cruising Turkey's ancient Caria and among its offshore islands. Why not spend your holiday sailing the Spartan superhero Lysander's tracks along the coast of Caria and among Greek Dodecanese islands, the superhero whose marble statue once guarded the treasure-chamber at Delphi. Why not spend your holiday with Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War in hand while basking on an azure Aegean under a gentle sun. Why not spend your holiday by sailing tracks left in a delicate minuet between oligarchic (government by the elite) Spartans and democratic (government by limited citizenship) Athenians. Tracks in the final years of the war leading to and from Ephesus, to and from Miletus, to and from Cedreae, and across the Aegean to Attica and back. Yes, cruise the crossroads of history. Have a three or four-couple holiday aboard a bare boat charter yacht cruising leisurely from waterside seafood luncheon to waterside seafood dinner. Are you into octopus? Have you tried it grilled? Or boiled and marinated in vinegar? Come charter a yacht in Gocek. We can tell you all about octopus. Are you searching for Gocek in Turkey? Well, it is 15 road miles from Dalaman International Airport, itself seventy minutes by air from Istanbul. In Gocek or in Bodrum we can put you aboard a bare boat for a memorable holiday. We can put you aboard a charter yacht and point you up the coast of Caria to Miletus, show you the route Lysander took in 405 BC past Samos and Ephesus and Chios and Lesbos to Bare Boats Cruising Turkey Aegospotami on the Hellespont, now the Dardanelles, where he trapped and destroyed an Athenian fleet numbering 180 triremes. It was opposite Aegospotami in sight of the Athenians that Lysander rested his fleet. Each morning he had his crews board their warships and prepare for battle. Each morning the Athenian fleet came out of Aegospotami in line of battle. And each morning Lysander refused to do battle. Described by Plutarch as cunning and deceitful rather than noble and honest, Lysander ordered his crews to sit still and speak not unless commanded to do otherwise. And so they sat and spoke not. Disdainful and disappointed, each evening the Athenians retired back to Aegospotami where, as was the custom, they beached their triremes with an anchor out to the stern, encamped, and foraged for provisions. Watched all the while by Lysander. While foraging on the fifth evening, though, Athenian disdain turned to consternation as Lysander's oarsmen drove Spartan rams into exposed sterns. All but nine of the 180 triremes were destroyed, all but 3,000 of the remaining crewmen slaughtered on the beach, and those 3,000 executed. Its fleet destroyed, its grain lifeline from the Black Sea through the Hellespont severed, Athens surrendered not long afterward. And thus the 31-year Peloponnesian War was brought to an end. But was there any lasting good to come of the victory? Of the war itself? Of any war? Of superheros? Of superthugs? Come learn for yourself. The Beneteau Oceanis 46, a superb sloop-rigged learning platform cruising Turkey and Greece. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at